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About our Company

Chem2 Arawati Pharma was founded in 2020 at HYDERABAD (Telangana, India.) with a mission to facilitate pharmaceutical research by providing top quality reference standards and organic synthesis services. Arawati Pharma is a reputed concern engaged in manufacturing a good range of quality pharmaceutical products, and make them accessible to small and large customers alike, in India and abroad. We provide a broad range of pharmaceutical materials at a really competitive cost with high standards of quality and reliability. No molecule is too complex for us! Our scientists are able to undertake the foremost challenging syntheses to supply unique products. Our standards are quality-certified and delivered with care and pride from our range in INDIA to clients worldwide.


Future plan & Quality Policy

The company's strategy has always been to focus on a selected group of products and aim for a global leadership position in that API has been successful in this regards with some of the products.

Arawati Pharma is preparing for a major technological shift in the way we manufacture APIs to achieve higher standards of quality, trust and confidence in our capabilities. We are extremely optimistic that this technological shift would enable us to manufacture "high value - low volume" APIs efficiently & incredibly affordable.

Arawati Pharma has a policy of always being proactive and takes efforts to satisfy the customer.

Our facilities are well equipped with all required instruments to carry analysis and to release the product to the market. All the release tests are carried out internally and there is no dependence outside laboratories. We have full fledged Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs team in-house to take care of the regulatory filings and to deal with health authorities by ourselves. Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of APIs Offering Generic APIs with a good documentation to the highly regulated markets. All the APIs Listed are Manufactured Continuously throughout the year.

Customer Service is our strength.

Mission and Vision

Chem3 Develop Cost Effective Process for Pharmaceutical impurities, manufacture and market them in regulatory markets forging relationships with top notch companies for contract manufacturing and contract research Projects

Being a quality conciouse organization, our vision encircles quality and customer satisfaction. Arawati Pharma believes in Delievering the best value to its Customers in a most Economical way.

All the products offered by us are highly appreciated and trusted by the customers for its purity and hygienic nature without any side effects.Arawati pharma strictly committed to Quality and swift services. We believe in Quality and customer satisfaction. Our experience and expertise ensures our business gains competitive edge over your competition.

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